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January 22, 2023


A core topic of ARTEM is the development of innovative technologies to reduce aircraft noise at source.

December, 2017
Dată început proiect
May, 2022
Dată sfârșit proiect

With ARTEM (Aircraft Noise Reduction Technologies and related Environmental iMpact), seven EREA members and strategic partners have teamed up with leading European universities and major European aerospace industry entities to address the technological challenges raised in the MG-1-2 -2017 call ” Aviation Noise Reduction”. ARTEM pursues the maturation of promising new concepts and methods that are directly coupled to the new low-noise and disruptive 2035 and 2050 aircraft configurations. A core topic of ARTEM is the development of innovative technologies to reduce aircraft noise at source. The chosen approach goes beyond reducing isolated sources such as pure fan or landing gear noise and addresses the interaction of different components and sources – which often contribute significantly to the overall noise emission of the aircraft.
Second, ARTEM addresses innovative concepts for effective damping of engine noise and other sources by investigating surface materials and dissipative liners.

The chosen technology concepts offer a chance to overcome the shortcomings (such as narrowband absorption peak or poor low-frequency performance) of current devices. The proposed tasks will mature and subsequently select these technologies through benchmarking in a single relevant test set. In addition, the noise protection potential for future aircraft configurations will be investigated. The noise reduction technologies will be coupled with the modeling of future aircraft configurations such as the blended wing body (BWB) and other innovative concepts with integrated engines and distributed electric propulsion. The impact of these new low-noise technology configurations will be assessed in several ways, including industry tools, airport scenario predictions and auralization.

Therefore, ARTEM constitutes a holistic approach to noise reduction for future aircraft and provides supporting factors for the expected further growth of air traffic.

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